Last Autumn

It won't be wrong if I said, I spent my last autumn in paradise. It is a paradise on Earth for all the nature lovers, tea maniacs or adrenaline junkies or ALL OF THE ABOVE! Darejeeling's laid back lifestyle and the ever so welcoming people leave's you wanting more. If you want to be pro-mountaineer, Darjeeling is home to the Himalayan-Mountaineering Institute which has a gazillion courses ranging from beginners to advanced lessons, all they ever ask you is TIME! For a Shopoholic, Darjeeling provides "The Mall Road" which is chains of infinity numbers of small and big shops having the trendiest swag in the country also, you can shop for precious and semi-precious stoned jewelleries since it is one of the Bhutia specialities. You can easily spend your evening (since evening are always free in Darjeeling, all the tourist spots are saved for the daylight)strolling up and down The Mall Road, though a tip would be to pack your most comfiest pair of shoe (heels are a total NO! unless you plan to wear them in you Hotel Room) if you ever plan a trip to Darjeeling cause the chances that you'll ever find a plain road are equal to the chances a lion would stay in a beehive.

 For the saints, Darjeeling provides numerous monasteries and temples. Serenity and devotion perfectly blended in this hill station , a devotee finds his peace of mind here like nowhere else. For the foodies, starting from the yummy THUKPA to the chewy CHURPEE and how can you forget the WORLD-FAMOUS DARJEELING TEA. Sitting in one of the tiny tea stall found dotting the borders of all the major tea garden and taking a  long drag of pure Darjeeling tea leaves all your senses tingling and wanting for more. And for the nature lovers, Darjeeling is THE PLACE TO BE. Beauty of Mother Nature is portrayed everywhere, you don't need to go to any special tourist spot to see a glimpse of mother nature at it's best it can be seen from somewhere as simple as wherever you are standing. If I were ever given an invitation to this "Green Heaven", I'd accept it in a heartbeat!


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