Magical yet Miserable

So like the million other girls and boys in the mundane world , I'm a simple girl in her teens, living in the subcontinent. Music being one of my major escapades. I've formed my own hypothetical community where I live with my million IDOLS and here is where my problem begins. I am in love with like a million musicians so I belong to a gazillion fanbases.

So my problem started off with the uprising of a five member boyband, now called *drums rolls* "One Direction". Initially, I was a Swiftie and till date I'm a loyal fan of TayTay, then came the "SWAG BOY" Justin Bieber and I became a BELIEBER and my Swiftie and Belieber part were living in peace with each other until the five boys decided to strike and all hell broke lose for me.

So, Beliebers and Directioners had the "Hate at First Sight" effect though some of the BELIEBERS like me became neutral and stayed quiet, the other half were ever ready to get into the battle of words anytime - well, make that EVERYTIME- though their idols were perfectly in sync with each other, hanging out at each others houses, jamming late nights, cooking. Yet! Somehow the fanbases  kept fighting, and till now we see sparks of the "trash talks" but most of the fanbases accepted each other and thus leading to the invention on the often used phrase, "I'm a DIRECTIONER and BELIEBER."

And one fine morning, when I just logged in to see my mails. I see my feeds flooded with "Haylor" chants and rants. My first reaction "A-Ow! I see World War III" -and as I often label myself as a PSYCHIC, though my friends laugh it off even though I've proved it them a billion times (people just don't appreciate you enough right?)- and I was RIGHT! Haylor soon broke up and it wasn't even a fight on some real basis. First, they broke up. Second (and what caused the most stir) was that apparently some TayTay imposter in Twitter trash talked about 1/5th of One Direction. Apparently, non of the fanbases had the sense to check if it  was "THE VERIFIED ACCOUNT" and then there you are, both fanbases still fighting, calling on their armies to defend (and offend!) each others. 

Still fighting over the same non-existent reason, these two aggressive fanbases leave me and my fellow music lovers, whose MAGICAL (musical!) rendezvous had somehow been infiltrated by -again quoting- "BASELESS FIGHTS" and left all of us to our MISERY.

And there I am - and I believe another thousand fans like me- in doubt and misery cause we use the phrase "I'm a LOYAL Swiftie, Belieber and Directioner" only to end up being questioned about our "LOYALTY" hoping that this Swiftie-Directioner war is over soon and we all can wake up with a cup of coffee, log in to YouTube to watch a collaboration of three of my million idols -TayTay, JB and 1D- making it's way to the BEST COLLABORATION for the GRAMMY's (If only wishes came true.) Till then, We can only wish POWERPUFF GIRLS to save the day from another Directioner-Swiftie outbreak.


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