Breaking Free..♥

Sunday, January 26, 2014

So,after having this blog for more than a year and all the while trying to write things to get more followers. Unsuccessfully. 

So, I log in to blogger a few minutes ago and there, I have my soul. Something tugging my heart so hard. And, I realize, I have tried too long to please other souls.I know, this would sound like a typical confession but, I swear on this very moment, I am gonna write what makes my soul feel better and hopefully get a few people who can relate and along the way, make great friends. I maybe very random at times, but that's the way it it. I'm letting go and finally living. And in the very core of my heart, I know, this is the moment, I'm BREAKING FREE. ♥



  1. I really loved this blog entry. I've started my new blog last week and I was thinking in the bus, today, how I would sound like myself on it. Not please people by trying hard to do so, but by being just myself, because lots of people seem to be having a great success and recognition (and I honestly don't see myself in that). I'll see if I make it work. I'll try to write as natural as I am when I speak and we'll see what happens =)

    I love this blog-journal that you created. I'm a follower now =)

    1. Thank you. You know what? This is really working and it's not even been a month I think. Do that! If you ever wanna talk, Feel free to contact me.

    2. Well, thank you =) I can't see that in mine yet because I focused my time on the design and a bit on writing reviews (mine is not a diary, it is more a place to review what I like and I don't because my facebook was starting to be too full of that stuff haha). I guess I'll see when I write more reviews.


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