Sale ! Sale ! Sale !

So, Tuesday, I missed school so I can go to the sale with my Mom. I mean who doesn't miss classes to shopping right? It was actually shopping strictly FOR MOM! But, the creatures that Moms are, I kinda knew a little bit of a begging is all it would take ! So, this are what I got from my shopping spree! (Wait! Sale! All those for only Rs 800 i.e roughly $13. I mean wtf ???!!)


So, this particular piece and I have kind of a secret love story. Every time we used to walk into the mall, I'd run my hands through this tank (EVERYTIME!) beacuse it's so silky-ish, but I never asked for it cause Mom would be like, why pay that much for a tank?

        2. THE SLEEVE TOP

   So, the main reason I bought this top is because of the sleeves. I love things which you think are simple and then you turn and see a detailed sleeve or a cut-out back. I mean, the are like little surprises.

This top is actually kind of like dark henna brown and brown looks so good on olive skin so I thought I'd try this one. Wait, I ain't done with brown obsession YET!


So,I bought this BROWN button down kind of see through shirt and I am absolutely in love with this one and so is my mom. It has golden square tiny buttons and roll-up sleeves (if you area roll-up kind of person, I am). Also, it is a uneven piece by which I mean the back is longer than the front so you can either tuck it in (which I do a lot.) or just let it be. And since I love it so much, I posted 3 pictures of it.LOL

See the "See-Through" part? Not in shape for these but. xD

Let me know what you think and send me pictures of your recent buys.

See you soon.


  1. love the colour of the button down shirt X

    1. Thank you. will definitely check ur blog out! xo

  2. I love the button down shirt, it's my favourite thing you purchased x

    1. YAY! It's mine too! I'll definitely check out ur blog..xx


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