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Thursday, February 27, 2014

So, it's the time of the month again which is also my favorite time because I love reading about what people have been loving throughout the month all around the world and it also gives me ideas about what new I should try next time around.

  1. My denim jacket. This february has been quite windy and nothing suits the weather better than my denim jacket! It's not too heavy neither too light and just perfect for the breezy kind of weather.
  2. My Clean and Clear face wash and moisturizer. I previously reviewed these two products here.
  3. My fuzzy socks which also made a guest appearance on my blog before.
  4. My two nail paints and why I love them is because,one is PINK! and the other reminds me of DARK CHOCOLATE! 
  5. And my PINK (yes! Pink again) thumb ring.

You can click on the song names to check them out! (I hope you like them♥ Also, I have this crazy obsession with Matt Nathanson♥ He just has my heart♥

My music picks for February :
  1. Ingrid Michaelson feat. Jason Mraz -You & I
  2. Matt Nathanson feat. Sugarland - Run 
  3. Labrinth feat. Emeli Sande - Beneath Your Beautiful
  4. Ingrid Michaelson - Everybody
  5. Flo Rida feat. Sia - Wild One

So, that's it for this month. I hope you had a lovely month and hope you have a memorable March ♥ 

P.S - I love alliteration. Weird.(?)



Lucky is the girl who has a poet as her admirer ♥ (( Tyler Knott Gregson))

Thursday, February 27, 2014

So, my exams are over and I've been hunting down the internet for everything I love and one of those (of course!) is poetry. I mean, how honest do they feel and so beautiful that it makes your heart ache. Lately, I've been reading a lot of Tyler Knott Gregson's works and well! Do I wanna fall in love with a poet. Yes (In a heartbeat). How blessed (READ special,loved,gifted etc etc etc) would a girl feel to read her man write such beautiful works of art for her? I mean I could just cry (well, not crying now but...) thinking of someone writing those beautiful lines for me and I'm gonna say this again, I don't know how far this is true but poetry has always meant old school love for me. You know pure,honest something that makes a girl feel like a queen (in the most decent and polite way) and it is such a beautiful way to letting someone know that you admire them and little bit of the dark touch just add to the mysterious allure (I'm sorry, i'm trying to keep this decent but, Damn! Poetry is sexy.Please pretend you did not read this). Like they say, "If you have a writer as a love, you are never gone." So, here are just a few of the pieces from all the magic that Tyler Knott Gregson has created. Tell me of what you think about a poet lover (Man! Feels) and if you want to read more of his work you can always "GOOGLE". Like I say, Internet is God. :P 

So, ending the month of love with some more LOVE. Hope Feb was lovely for you (Read LOVE LOVE LOVE everywhere) beacuse you gotta wait another 365 minus 28 days for this. *wink*


My 4 Cyber hide-outs! Hushhh ! ♥

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Guys, trust me when I say, this post is my "baby" because I love these sites I'm gonna list below. And I don't usually share my love life with anyone (Yes! I'm in love with cyberspace :P) so, this is like giving you guys a big chunk of my heart (Yes! I'm selfish :P) so, I hope you guys like it too (I kind of know you will ;)).They are "home" for me and leisurely browsing through these sites gives me so much of peace and they are my absolute hide-outs when I look to recluse myself, these are just worlds on their own and the pictures speaks so much more then just colors and shapes. Honestly, these pictures help me in a way nobody has, they tell stories, stories I relate to and the feeling that you are not alone is just.....(fill it up yourself! ;))

So, starting with a site which we all know:

  • Tumblr (Nothing can so wrong with the good old Tumblr!)

My Tumblr : Shy Girl Blogz

  • Youtube (We all love pretty pictures in motions right?)

My Channel : SkyAnNaMystic (I don't vlog as of yet but I'm so looking forward to it.)

So, many bloggers use this. I started using it long before I started blogging. It's a place where you can find anything. I mean type in girly,grunge,sad stories, bad music, good food etc etc and you will find your answers! I suggests anyone who hasn't tried this yet to go and check it out ASAP! ;)

My Board : SkyAnNaMystic

So, this is my secret. I love WeHeartIt . It is only a photo sharing site and no reading material but we found ways to type on pretty picture and Viola! So, me being a teen and switching moods, this is so helpful for me. It's like everything you want to express but you can't, someone, somewhere has already typed it in for you so you can read it/ see it and know that you are not alone. This is just my definition of "PARADISE" .♥

My Canvas : Anna_Ian_Leto

So, hope you like my blog post today. I'll start posting more frequently once my finals are over. For now, I need to study Biology. Eeeks! I have no idea how I'm gonna complete my syllabus. Wish me Luck! Oh! While I'm away, do check out the websites I suggested. *kiss*


Beauty Review

Review : Jovees Lemon Lip Balm

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

So, I got two lip balms this time around and one of them was this little yellow tub of Jovees Lemon Lip Balm. The balm is really light and non-greasy which is something I liked about the product. Also, it comes in cheap as compared to the other lip balms and is quite impressive as compared to most of the other lip balms in the market at the same price. Also, it provides no color to the lips and I didn't get any lemon-y taste(hard luck!). I glides easily on you lips and the effectivenss can be felt right away.

I bought the lemon flavour because I am not a big fan of strawberry-ish flavours. :P but smell is also a little too strong for me, I expected it to be a mild citrusy smell instead, the first sniff I took, kind of punch my senses back to live and the staying power is also not that appreciable since it stays for only about 2 hours and the fact that I have to use my fingers to apply it is also one negative of the product according to me. However, it is a good run for it's price.



Raining On a Sunday. ♥

Monday, February 17, 2014

I think god heard me when I was whining about loving rain and winter all the while and how they do not co-exist here, where I stay.So, the kind man he is, he let it rain! (like let it snow! :P ) and it's been raining all day (and night too.) Yesterday, that was Sunday all it poured 24 hrs and still counting!!! I know, people would say it was a sucky weather for a Sunday but to me, it was my kind of day, when you don't make your bed,lie on it all day long, listen to some good soul music, read a book (when, exam season so couldn't do this.) and it reminded me of Keith Urban's "Raining on Sunday" (don't you just love this man?). It's strange how it's almost time to giddy up for spring but , it's one of the coldest two days of this winter. Mother Earth does have her own ways. Like the say, you never understand the ways of a woman. *wink*

I also love the weather because it means "FUZZY SOCKS!"

STUDY! STUDY! STUDY! Don't forget to make flashcards! 
 I always have my walkman, gums, my journal,diary and planner with me, you never know when you come up with the best idea for a blog post! It's weird how I always get good ideas when I start studying.

These two will probably be packed in my survival kit too.
I just can't live without my walkman and some gums!

And, for all the people who keep complaining about the weather, there is nothing a big cup of coffee can't settle. 


My Confession : Will you help me?

Sunday, February 16, 2014

So, all of us has insecurities don't we?
Some of us deal with (add issues at the end of the bullet points)
  • Weight Gain/Loss
  • Sexuality
  • Age
  • Height
  • Etc etc...
So, I have an insecurity too which I am trying to overcome and not too many people (no one to be exact actually) know that I'm trying to battle my demons and from personal experience, I can tell that fighting your insecurities isn't an easy job and the pace of progress is really slow and I don't know how far I'll reach but I want you to know that we all have our own battles to fight. We choose to fight or just sit back and let it take over our life is the BIGGEST DECISION to make. If you choose to fight, really  swear to fight it off, consider it half won. Also, fighting alone is horrifying. I know. I sit here on the internet reading articles or quotes that'll give me inspiration and most of the time, I break down and every time I think of giving up, I remind myself of the last time I felt when I felt "not good enough" but the best part is, when people start noticing the change. And trust me, when you once see the tiny bit of change in you, fighting it off becomes and addiction.

So, my lovely readers, most of us have the insecurities that we've never accepted in public (I haven't, I still don't) but I know, all that matters is, that YOU understand and YOU know that you can overcome those battles and when you are feeling lonely, feeling like you are the only one going through it, get your pen and start scribbling EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL THAT VERY MOMENT. Every feeling you have, just jot it down and, RE-READ it, I do this all the time and it makes me cry. And don't stop those tears, cry , cry all you want and every time you think of giving up, read what you wrote when you felt hopeless, and then remind yourself of how you will (Yes, YOU WILL) feel when you finally make it through and then, buckle up and take the challenge head on. And one more thing, scratch that two more things: 
  1. Every time you think of giving up, think "I have a lot many people to prove wrong."
  2. And every time someone tries to put you down, play this in your mind "Watch Me!" and walk away. This always makes me smile.

And, I know all those things sometimes don't work, all you need is some comfort. Take a break, cry under your pillow, snuggle up with you pillow, try happy music, try making people around you or needy people happy, like genuinely happy. I hope you win all the battles in you life and we'll celebrate our victory together. Let me know of all your achievements. I'll have a separate tab for this. ♥

You can talk to me anytime, because honestly I really need to talk to people to. ;)
You can find my contacts here.
My E-mail :

Here's the link to the tab : Insecurity. You can drop by anytime. Send me a message anytime. I'll try to get back to you ASAP!


be happy

5 Reasons : Why you should not complain for being alone on Valentine's Day

Friday, February 14, 2014

Alone this Valentine's Day? Well, welcome to the club. But being all by yourself doesn't mean you should be having a gloomy mood. Think of the people around you, wish them instead. Then, see the happiness and the warmth of heart you feel when you give somebody joy is priceless

5 Reasons which might make your mood better

  • Valentine's Day is a day to thank people for being in your life and making the journey worthwhile. So, it's does not only mean you girlfriend /boyfriend / lover etc.Go wish your sister, mom , dad or your best friend. Make them feel special and make an effort, I bet you won't be disappointed and I bet, someone would love to be thanked for just being there in your life, not as a lover but as  a friend, throughout you life.
  • Save the bucks! Okay, being a bit stupid here. But, come on, you don't need to buy any fancy gifts, go spend those bucks treating yourself with your favorite chocolate, spa or something you've been thinking of gifting yourself. Wear it, eat it today. Just flaunt it. Be the carefree DIVA. Atleast try.
  • Heartbreaks. This is simply a sucker isn't it? Being single means no partner (Duh!)  which means you are immune to further heartbreaks. Of course, I can't tell anything about the past, but the future for today, seems clear and safe. (I'm heartless. I know)
  • You are SINGLE!! Go, take a walk, get some single eye candy to notice you.(Yes! I know this is contradicting to the above point, but...). Drive around city, drop by an ice-cream parlor or any V-Day special events (with another one of your single girl-friends) and just BOYWATCH ! (Baywatch xD). Nothing is holding you back. No guilt. *evil laugh*
  • Here's the big point. Some people do not have a father on Father's Day or a mother on Mother's Day. Nothing can bring their parents back. Atleast you can hope for a better future with a caring, understanding partner. Let's call him the knight in his shinning armor for you. So, hold on. You still have so many days to count on and still believe that their is the perfect someone for you out there who at this very moment is wondering where his princess is (Just like you are).

So, what I think is, make the best of what you got. Wish somebody who is there with you tonight (friend,mother,dad,brother etc) when he/she (the one for you) is not. Make a call, plan a dinner/lunch. Let them know they matter and that they are being remember on this very special day. Or, do you see a homeless kid or an old lady on the streets? Give them a little something. Make merry and spread love and lastly, don't forget to wish them "Happy Valentine's Day" with a smile. And make them realize that they have made your journey better and you never know, you might be saving a life and do it today.



Carolina Herrera : Favorite pieces from Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection

Friday, February 14, 2014

So, I was going through the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week collections and I totally fell in love with Carolina Herrera's new collection. I love play of colors in the pieces and the kind of kaleidoscopic patterns. Here are my favorite pieces from the whole collection.

Tell me, how do you like the collection? And your favorite piece from the entire collection.
The entire collection can be found on the official NYFW website : Carolina Herrera

I'll come up with some more posts from the Fashion Weeks soon. And, how many of you are pumped for London Fashion week? :D

Ow! And "Happy Valentine's Day" (Click Me for a little gift) my lovely readers. You are amazing and so so beautiful. Thank you for always giving me a reason to look forward to ...every single day. ♥



Reason # 10003567 To Love Cara Delevingne

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Besides being the "hot cake" in the fashion industry, nobody can deny this British beauty's gift to turn her very quirky personality to charming and undeniably attractive persona.

Here is my reason #1124354656767 To Love Cara Delevingne

Notice how she's wearing two (Yes! Tw-effing-o) caps and yet look so cool and cute? 

Now, how many of us carry it off the way she is, break a few hearts and not even look bothered about the 2 caps?


Quick Fix : Uneven Nail Paint

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The other night, I was applying my nail paint before bed and I accidently touched it and it left me with the disgusting fingerprints. And as tea (I love tea so this is how I relate. :P ) was mistakenly discovered, I mistakenly discovered a solution to even out those ugly fingerprints. Yay!! You'd be terrified because of how easy the solution to this is.

So, This is how easy it is.

  • See my ugly marks? Well, this is not the first step, but well. :P

  • Use your index finger to to get some of the lip balm. You actually do not need much of the lip balm just a little bit is good enough. So, the lip balm is the "Hero Of  The Day", so, next time you are thinking away of throwing one because it is almost over or you don't like it, DON'T! 

  • Use your "balmed"  finger to lightly trace over the marks increasing the pressure to see how much pressure you need to even the layer out. Glide your finger over the marks a few times. make sure you do this when the nail paint hasn't yet dried out 100% on the uneven layer. Also, make sure not to do it if you just applied it and it's still very wet. You wanna do it which it's a little thick but not dry.

And, Violaaaa!! That's all you need to do, barely 1 minute and you end up with smooth, glossy perfect nails.
Try it and let me know how well it worked for you.



OOTD and a trip down memory lane.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Yesterday, we went to see our grandparent's renovated house and as you know, renovation means turning the house inside out which means discovering old stuff, we bumped into heaps of old photos,most of which were black and white or sepia washed photograph. Here are some of my picks. Also, family times are always so fun, especially when you discover embarrassing pictures of you aunt or uncle (or even better, you parents) and nobody minds laughing on themselves along with the whole family.

And here is what I was wearing.
The denim jacket is one of my favorite clothing items this winter.

Because I never mind a little bit of stripes and a bow and I love my scarf.

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