Happy Pre V-Day gift to me!

I was so bored so I logged in and started scrolling through my feed and guess what? "Love is in the air", so, I watched a few V-Day tutorials and a few gifting ideas and since I had nobody to get ready for or gift to, (please exclude my lovely parents and my moody sister) and I don't know why, I felt like making a candle (?. What? LOL. Yes, I'm that random) and so, I gift myself a hand-made candle (How romantic? and NO! I'm not a narcissist).

I made both of those. The red one was the one I made today and the yellow one was made a few months ago. Here are the proper pictures of both of the one's that I made.

This is the one I made today, I just needed to kill time and I know it's a mess but I can light it and it give my room a red flame-d corner so I'll keep it. This is just simple wax melting and crayon melting thingie we all know and then tilt the glass a little when the wax is still warm so that it has the curvy boundary (LOL! I like things crazy) and then use golden powder paint to create borders, dripping effect or you can make stencils of hearts (for V-Day) or any other shape or pattern of your choice.

The one below on the other hand is something I like. It's really easy to make the colored layers barely take 3 minutes to be prepared.

  • The pink layer is actually left over Holi Powder
  • The white layer is plain salt
  • The blue layer is salt mixed with blue ink (I haven't tried but I think you can use pink stain for the pink layer too).

So, I think I'll spent my V-day lighting my candles and having pastries all by myself. (I love cakes). Okay. I was kidding :P. Tell me how are you planning to celebrate your V-day?


  1. Aw really creative! I love candles but I'm too paranoid to light them in case it catches fire!


    1. Haahahh! I didn't want to light candles because I didn't want them to melt away! xD


  2. omg so pretty dear! happy early valentine's day <3

    Letters To Juliet

  3. hey just letting you know i've nominated you for a liebster award :) have a look here to see what you have to do http://hellokiarrah.blogspot.com.au/2014/02/liebster-award-nomination.html

    1. Aww! Thank you!! YAYYYYY!! You are my favorite person right now! LOL


  4. So cute and so original.
    I'm following you as a fan now... if you wish, follow me back
    Thanks a lot!

  5. Ah that's so cute! I think it really looks like a sunset! x


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