Help me find a new lip balm maybe?

So, I've been using Baby Lips ever since they first came out. I mean how could you resist those cute containers? But this time, I was thinking of trying out a different balm for my lips. So, I need suggestions. Please suggest me a few of your favorites on the comments below.

The best thing I found about Baby Lips was it's staying power (except for the cute sticks). I apply them during my bedtime and always wake up with supple lips and I love feeling that way! :P

Just so you know, the Anti-oxidant berry was my favorite one. 
I also like the Rose Addict. The shade is something I like about this one since it is  a light shade and yet not too light.

Comment you favorite Baby Lips below. 



  1. hey Shygirl !I love this lip balm. I found it just a week ago ,and since then . im using it every day. I 've heard good things about the balm from Yves Rocher. it will be the next one I will buy :)

    1. Thank You ;) I'll try to get one of those ;)

  2. i love the packaging but i don't think this works very well for me:( i always stick to good old vaseline now!

    love Katy @ THE RAWRDROBE

  3. I love using Eos lip balms and Lip Smackers too (: They moisturize and stay on for a decent amount of time.
    ~Makaela at

  4. I just tried the baby lips last week for the first time and I love them! I've heard the EOS lip balms are decent too. Failing that, I love to use Lush popcorn lip scrub then pop on some lip smackers over the top, makes your lips feel even smoother!

    G, xx

    1. Yeah, I love baby lips, and about eos, we don't get them here in India :'(



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