Lucky is the girl who has a poet as her admirer ♥ (( Tyler Knott Gregson))

So, my exams are over and I've been hunting down the internet for everything I love and one of those (of course!) is poetry. I mean, how honest do they feel and so beautiful that it makes your heart ache. Lately, I've been reading a lot of Tyler Knott Gregson's works and well! Do I wanna fall in love with a poet. Yes (In a heartbeat). How blessed (READ special,loved,gifted etc etc etc) would a girl feel to read her man write such beautiful works of art for her? I mean I could just cry (well, not crying now but...) thinking of someone writing those beautiful lines for me and I'm gonna say this again, I don't know how far this is true but poetry has always meant old school love for me. You know pure,honest something that makes a girl feel like a queen (in the most decent and polite way) and it is such a beautiful way to letting someone know that you admire them and little bit of the dark touch just add to the mysterious allure (I'm sorry, i'm trying to keep this decent but, Damn! Poetry is sexy.Please pretend you did not read this). Like they say, "If you have a writer as a love, you are never gone." So, here are just a few of the pieces from all the magic that Tyler Knott Gregson has created. Tell me of what you think about a poet lover (Man! Feels) and if you want to read more of his work you can always "GOOGLE". Like I say, Internet is God. :P 

So, ending the month of love with some more LOVE. Hope Feb was lovely for you (Read LOVE LOVE LOVE everywhere) beacuse you gotta wait another 365 minus 28 days for this. *wink*

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