Quick Fix : Uneven Nail Paint

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The other night, I was applying my nail paint before bed and I accidently touched it and it left me with the disgusting fingerprints. And as tea (I love tea so this is how I relate. :P ) was mistakenly discovered, I mistakenly discovered a solution to even out those ugly fingerprints. Yay!! You'd be terrified because of how easy the solution to this is.

So, This is how easy it is.

  • See my ugly marks? Well, this is not the first step, but well. :P

  • Use your index finger to to get some of the lip balm. You actually do not need much of the lip balm just a little bit is good enough. So, the lip balm is the "Hero Of  The Day", so, next time you are thinking away of throwing one because it is almost over or you don't like it, DON'T! 

  • Use your "balmed"  finger to lightly trace over the marks increasing the pressure to see how much pressure you need to even the layer out. Glide your finger over the marks a few times. make sure you do this when the nail paint hasn't yet dried out 100% on the uneven layer. Also, make sure not to do it if you just applied it and it's still very wet. You wanna do it which it's a little thick but not dry.

And, Violaaaa!! That's all you need to do, barely 1 minute and you end up with smooth, glossy perfect nails.
Try it and let me know how well it worked for you.



  1. Such a great tip! I sometimes mess up and then I just repaint the entire nail but it can get so messy so this will save me lots of time.

    1. LOL, I feel you.I hate those times too. Your are most welcome love.


  2. wow this is a neat trick and its really cool that you discovered it accidentally :D will come in handy for me since i ALWAYS bump my fingernails somewhere right after i put polish on them :)


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