Review : Jovees Lemon Lip Balm

So, I got two lip balms this time around and one of them was this little yellow tub of Jovees Lemon Lip Balm. The balm is really light and non-greasy which is something I liked about the product. Also, it comes in cheap as compared to the other lip balms and is quite impressive as compared to most of the other lip balms in the market at the same price. Also, it provides no color to the lips and I didn't get any lemon-y taste(hard luck!). I glides easily on you lips and the effectivenss can be felt right away.

I bought the lemon flavour because I am not a big fan of strawberry-ish flavours. :P but smell is also a little too strong for me, I expected it to be a mild citrusy smell instead, the first sniff I took, kind of punch my senses back to live and the staying power is also not that appreciable since it stays for only about 2 hours and the fact that I have to use my fingers to apply it is also one negative of the product according to me. However, it is a good run for it's price.



  1. Hı Dear :) I'm following now you on GFC and waiting follow me back :))

  2. I'm the same I hate having to apply lip products with my finger, I love the smell of lemon though so might try this X

    1. ;) This might work nice for summers because it is very light. Incase you buy it ;)

  3. Sounds great. ;-)
    Lovely greets Vanessa


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