What made my day better?

Yesterday, I woke up feeling so down, so I decided spice up my bed-tea(coffee) :P So, I just sprinkled some coffee on he plain cake that I was gonna eat and VIOLA! I think the fact that I put coffee in it just made me merrier because I don't think it altered anything but it tricked my sleepyhead into thinking it was tasted and smell yummier!

See the tiny specks?

Then, I did a little bit of cleaning and here's he deal, every time I try to do some clean-up, I end up trippin on some interesting stuff and then spend hours admiring it. This time though, I tripped on my Mom's jewellery collection! Here is one of my picks! This is a traditional jewellery that my Mom bought from Rajasthan and it's one of my current faves!

And at last, packing time! My parents drop me off at my cousin's place because they'll be leaving for some days. I already cannot wait for them to come back but, times with my cousins are always great! So, I do my packing and, I don't forget to pack my diary, Archie (I love it) journal and my planner! ;)



  1. Wow the earings are amazing! PS. Tea always makes everything better xxx

  2. Beautiful earrings :) And that diary is so cute! :)

    1. Thank you. The earring belongs to my Mom and the diary was gifted to me ;)


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