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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Have you ever spent ages thinking of whether to buy a  product or not? Have you seen a product on your colleague or friend and absolutely fell in love with the product but were not too sure if it'll suit you? Well here is your answer : This site lets you upload your own picture and test the products on your own skin (virtual skin!). And the perks besides that you ask? Well, all the top brands are listed on the site and possibly every product, be it for your eye, lips or face, all the testing on the tip of you fingers! Now, isn't this making life easier? Here are a few sneak peaks of the website.

Oh! And follow the link on the blog to their website and you are accessing it prior to most other users!!

 The site :
Facebook fanpage : glamstapp ♥

The homepage. Isn't it so cute?! Ignore my profile thumbnail. :P

Just a sneak-peek of the treasure trove!
I have been obsessing over orange for the lips this season so, I decided to use orange lips, blush !! Hahaha!! C.h.a.o.s! 

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Colours of Spring ! ♥ My everyday evening ♥

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

So, it's time to say "Hello Spring!" and bid goodbye to the woolens (I am doing away with my woolens already. Let me know if you are too in you country. ;) )So, our apartment is basically ON THE ROAD. Yes! You look down and you see trucks whizzing past trucks and people strolling,jogging in the morning and then, the traffic jams during office hours till late evening and then, drunkards late night. (That's true!) We (everyone in the family) usually grab our evening beverage and take our seats on the balcony almost every evening and enjoy the life below and here is just a sneak peek of an usual evening of my life and also, my Mum's babies, her flowers are so precious to her. And, since it's spring, they are starting to bloom!!! ♥ I'll probably make another blog post soon about "her" apartment's tiny "garden" . LOL

Ya know!! Just chillin like a BOSS! xD

No points for guessing blue's my favorite color! ;)


be happy

A day to thank women for making the world go round. ♥

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Because without women, there would be no Christopher Columbus and literally no sphere earth and men would simply fall off the earth's surface if they went too far. I mean, I am literally correct, ain't I ? Okay, sucky try but honestly, it's time of the year again when every wife, sister,daughter,grandma,(read women)teacher, preacher,police,officer and the list goes on should feel proud of their form and their gift of being a women. We do so much, are so selfless, yet get appreciated so little. I think it's the day you should wish every women around you (since only a women can understand a women and truly appreciate her) and I bet it'll be a long task since we are surrounded with women who are helping us in a way or another by just existing. So, better get started and so, I won't be taking much of you time and leave you to your task at hand.

Oh! and before I go, I wish you (Yes! I am 99% sure you are a woman reading this) Happy Women's Day. Be Proud and Be Strong and Carry On. Thank you, for giving me your precious time just so I can find inspiration to write on. ♥



Jazz Up to Dress Up!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Tomorrow is my grandparent's golden anniversary, Yes! 5-0 years!! So, the family will be throwing a secret party for them, ssshhh! My grandmom being really restless is worried since we didn't tell her anything or have forbidden her to throw any party. So, I'm planning to wear a very nude outfit with similar shoes and I'm not in any mood to dress down for a golden jubilee, so, I decided to go a little crazy with my nails. Bad news, school's opening soon so I had to chop them off. :(

This nail paint was gifted to me by my sister, actually I inherited it, since she didn't want it. It was to fabulous for her to rock. *evil grin* So, this is the first time I'm trying this out. Hope it's not a fail. It kind of reminds me of a witch's aura for some reason I don't know why :P probably the green and the bottle, in reality is actually like a potion bottle. Ok! Tell me it's just in my head. :P



DIY : Lyric Art

Sunday, March 02, 2014

So, Alicia Keys's "Girl On Fire" has been running through my mind for a long time now, and I was planning to get a lyric art done so, I was tapping my pen on the table top one fine day and Viola! this occurred to me! LOL. Okay, a little dramatic there. Anyway, this DIY is really easy and a little unusual and VERY affordable. 

This is how it's gonna look like after it's done if not better. Trust me, patience is not one of my virtue so I just do everything in a rush! :P

Firstly, write down the lyrics that you wanna work with in a white sheet and fill it with black.

Next, rip pieces off you old magazine, (I think it'll look really cool with newspaper too, gotta try that one!) and cover ANOTHER white sheet with the pieces. Yes, I could have used the word "COLLAGE". But, that's just my way. :P

Don't worry about the uneven corners. I like them that way, if you in case suffer from OCD then, you are most welcome to trim the corners off and make a perfect rectangle.

Using a pencil, mark the outline of the words you wrote. Make sure to seperate EACH WORD and not go alphabet-wise and also, leave out considerable amount of white space from the border because we'll have a colorful background, we need our writing to POP OUT and only black letters won't do that. 

I always find it easier to cut out the word roughly and then, start with the complicated cutting parts.

When you are done, you end up with words that look like this. :P

Then, just stick them one to the collage background and Ta-da!!

Let me know if you liked this DIY and also share with me if in case you have so other DIYs that you'd like me to do.


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