A day to thank women for making the world go round. ♥

Because without women, there would be no Christopher Columbus and literally no sphere earth and men would simply fall off the earth's surface if they went too far. I mean, I am literally correct, ain't I ? Okay, sucky try but honestly, it's time of the year again when every wife, sister,daughter,grandma,(read women)teacher, preacher,police,officer and the list goes on should feel proud of their form and their gift of being a women. We do so much, are so selfless, yet get appreciated so little. I think it's the day you should wish every women around you (since only a women can understand a women and truly appreciate her) and I bet it'll be a long task since we are surrounded with women who are helping us in a way or another by just existing. So, better get started and so, I won't be taking much of you time and leave you to your task at hand.

Oh! and before I go, I wish you (Yes! I am 99% sure you are a woman reading this) Happy Women's Day. Be Proud and Be Strong and Carry On. Thank you, for giving me your precious time just so I can find inspiration to write on. ♥



  1. Lovely entry =) Happy women's day for you (a bit late, though)

  2. hahaha thats the cutest and most fitting banner ever :) Happy Women's Day to you too <3

    1. Haha. Thank you. Actually, the banner inspired me for this post! ;)

  3. happy womans day! ;-) ciao from a citygirl from europe. x

  4. I'm a woman reading this ;) Great post in celebration of international womans day!

    Corinne x

  5. I love the visual! haha Great!



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