Colours of Spring ! ♥ My everyday evening ♥

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
So, it's time to say "Hello Spring!" and bid goodbye to the woolens (I am doing away with my woolens already. Let me know if you are too in you country. ;) )So, our apartment is basically ON THE ROAD. Yes! You look down and you see trucks whizzing past trucks and people strolling,jogging in the morning and then, the traffic jams during office hours till late evening and then, drunkards late night. (That's true!) We (everyone in the family) usually grab our evening beverage and take our seats on the balcony almost every evening and enjoy the life below and here is just a sneak peek of an usual evening of my life and also, my Mum's babies, her flowers are so precious to her. And, since it's spring, they are starting to bloom!!! ♥ I'll probably make another blog post soon about "her" apartment's tiny "garden" . LOL

Ya know!! Just chillin like a BOSS! xD

No points for guessing blue's my favorite color! ;)



  1. The weather is crazy so far so I can't fully say hello spring. I'm gonna miss winter though! Lovely nail colour xx

    1. Ah! Me too! I love winter !! every weather has it's own charm :)

  2. Lovely pics! Love the nail color!


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