Guilt Free Dessert for Breakfast !

So, I started off today with a fruit platter and THIS! So easy (I couldn't find a word to mean easier than easy so I had to settle for "easy"). Know that I am a big fan of cereal, oats and bread and a MAJOR FRUITARIAN ! So, being a glutton, I had to eat my flakes and oats and no milk! (not a vegan but wasn't in the mood) so, I tried this alternative and BAZINGA! I'm in love! xD

It's really simple, to watch your portions, use half of your regular serving of cornflakes and rolled oats and eat it with a big dollop (I love the word "DOLLOP", the word itself sounds so yum and satisfying :P) of One-Ingredient Banana Ice-Cream, you can add a drizzle of honey or syrup or maybe jam but I prefer it simple and clean and since the banana is already sweet, I don not usually recommend the extra sugar. And there you have it! Crunch and Slurp! Omg! I think I should name this Crunch and Slurp! :P

***TIP** Try a little sprinkling of instant coffee for the extra aroma


  1. Just one word: YUM!!!! I want to try this X

    1. It is. Trust me! Try a little sprinkling of instant coffee for the extra aroma! ;)



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