| I wanna go back to the time when girls in mini skirts are screaming for "The Beatles" ♥ |

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The heading was by a famous designer that I read on a Vogue India cover and I absolutely felt like it expressed me the moment I read it and I went around telling my friends in school about it. Sadly, I don't know how many actually got me :P

They say, in life, "ALWAYS MARCH FORTH", that NEVER LOOK BACK. Well, I looked wait, digged history and I found myself. :D I have always been obsessed with glitzy skirts, disco age, retro stuff, mini skirts, high waisted stuff, bohemian hippe stuff and The Feathered Hairdo ♥ And, years and years (Yes, I think I was dumb) I kept admiring those but never thought to actually look into those beautiful things ♥ And so, one fine day, I started from the 90's to the 80s and finally dragged myself to the 70s and I realized, the deeper I went, the more I felt I wanted to jump into a time machine and relive those times ♥ No questions asked on how much I'd give to go back to those days ♥ *big smile*

Also, the band " The 1975 " are just mesmerizing ♥ (And no, I am not saying this because the name belongs to the 70s and no, Matty is a darling but, let's not even start ok? and did you know? I always had a thing for drummers and people who can rock Mohawk and bald and all those crazy hairstyles, let's take my obsession with Jared Leto for example. :P ) They genuinely are ♥ And, I would talk so much more and forgive me for leaving this topic open-ended because THIS IS DEFINITELY THE LAST TIME I AM SPEAKING OF THIS. I PROMISE ♥

And, forgive me for all these pictures and for letting this "gypsy soul" run wild....♥
(Maybe I should consider renaming my blog...eh? ;) )

The Shoe game On!

Blondie ♥

And let's not forget the punk Scene ♥

Don't you just...........Maaannnnnn! ♥♥



| Note from a lazy bedhead |

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Me and my laziness had an intimate affair today but that didn't let me stop myself from having a healthy kick start to my day :P So, from my crimpy bed, here's me with my green smoothie and and old issue of Women's Health. Gotta flush the negative things out. Sadly, in no mood for work today but, gotta giddy up and do it! 

P.S- If you haven't tried my favorite drink because it is so easy is...WATERMELON SMOOTHIE (?). 
Just cut the ruby red beauty into large chunk and put it in blender. No sugar needed and the grainy texture is BONUS! :D

Sadly, see I found this article on the magazine I was browsing through again. If you area  GREEN SMOOTHIE FAN, read ahead :P But, this definitely does not beat all the perks of the green healer, right? ♥

Much Love

be happy

First Look of 2015 !

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

So, 20 days are by gone and now, I'm still trying but, let's see how hard I can go this time. :P My binge eating is definitely getting better and I think I should stop talking about it. So, I'll try and post less of those and more of "interesting" (I hope) stuff. So, who's gonna go on a fitspo journey with me?!

Oh and if you didn't notice already, I "JUST" got my instagram. Here it is: Surprise Here! But, I'd honestly not ask you to follow unless you want to but I'd definitely want you to check out Pinterest and WeHeartIt, because these are my safe haven ♥

So, two of my BIGGEST goals will be :
  • Get Fit! I know I said I wouldn't but, Damn!!
  • Get into a good college! (Scary...!)
And some of the minor one's...well, nobody's really interested but never mind! 

Anyway, Long time no see so, How have you guys been? Any resolutions?

Also, a little help here , does anyone know any other site like : PumpUp ! BUT which can be operated from the computer itself? 

Adios for now. ♥ Would really love some tips on organization :P ♥ Just saying.

Thank You! 


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