| I wanna go back to the time when girls in mini skirts are screaming for "The Beatles" ♥ |

The heading was by a famous designer that I read on a Vogue India cover and I absolutely felt like it expressed me the moment I read it and I went around telling my friends in school about it. Sadly, I don't know how many actually got me :P

They say, in life, "ALWAYS MARCH FORTH", that NEVER LOOK BACK. Well, I looked wait, digged history and I found myself. :D I have always been obsessed with glitzy skirts, disco age, retro stuff, mini skirts, high waisted stuff, bohemian hippe stuff and The Feathered Hairdo ♥ And, years and years (Yes, I think I was dumb) I kept admiring those but never thought to actually look into those beautiful things ♥ And so, one fine day, I started from the 90's to the 80s and finally dragged myself to the 70s and I realized, the deeper I went, the more I felt I wanted to jump into a time machine and relive those times ♥ No questions asked on how much I'd give to go back to those days ♥ *big smile*

Also, the band " The 1975 " are just mesmerizing ♥ (And no, I am not saying this because the name belongs to the 70s and no, Matty is a darling but, let's not even start ok? and did you know? I always had a thing for drummers and people who can rock Mohawk and bald and all those crazy hairstyles, let's take my obsession with Jared Leto for example. :P ) They genuinely are ♥ And, I would talk so much more and forgive me for leaving this topic open-ended because THIS IS DEFINITELY THE LAST TIME I AM SPEAKING OF THIS. I PROMISE ♥

And, forgive me for all these pictures and for letting this "gypsy soul" run wild....♥
(Maybe I should consider renaming my blog...eh? ;) )

The Shoe game On!

Blondie ♥

And let's not forget the punk Scene ♥

Don't you just...........Maaannnnnn! ♥♥



  1. I love the look the old woman is giving the younger one in the first picture! hahaha

    I am following you on gfc, would you like to follow me back so we can stay in touch?


    1. Haha! Me too and definitely love ♥

      Following you. Love teh look of your blog ♥

  2. I'd really like to go back in time and just stay there and enjoy. Love the pictures.



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