| Note from a lazy bedhead |

Me and my laziness had an intimate affair today but that didn't let me stop myself from having a healthy kick start to my day :P So, from my crimpy bed, here's me with my green smoothie and and old issue of Women's Health. Gotta flush the negative things out. Sadly, in no mood for work today but, gotta giddy up and do it! 

P.S- If you haven't tried my favorite drink because it is so easy is...WATERMELON SMOOTHIE (?). 
Just cut the ruby red beauty into large chunk and put it in blender. No sugar needed and the grainy texture is BONUS! :D

Sadly, see I found this article on the magazine I was browsing through again. If you area  GREEN SMOOTHIE FAN, read ahead :P But, this definitely does not beat all the perks of the green healer, right? ♥

Much Love


  1. this looks so yummy and healthy! x

  2. A watermelon smoothie sounds delicious!



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