Words for soul...♥

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
With my dangerous obsession with poetry, I cannot stop this spree that I am on and I feel so good about it but also so guilty because finals are in less than a week and people have been studying for three months and I just sit here all day reading other people's magic. But, this still sucks. So, since this is so addictive, I thought maybe, I SHOULD share this and have somebody else get engaged too and feel a little guilty. If you are feeling something...sad, lonely, happy, blank...I don't know. Just go read them ♥

Just five of my few favorite magicians ....♥  Tell me some of yours ♥
And Lucky is the girl who has a poet as her admirer ♥ was my other post about poetry ♥ :P LOL



Would love to hear your opinions! xo

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