New Girl in the block. ♥ Omg! + news, I'm always excited. :D

So, from my last post, "Bhumika Arora" has been taking the fashion industry by storm ♥ anyway (already mentioned) okay, So, here's Pooja Mor, I'm just so proud. Look at her, so darn pretty! ♥ She is this timeless "exotic" beauty maybe teh next Ujjwala Raut (I'm betting all my money on these Indian girls)..too much sentiment you think ? :P

And honestly, if you ever ask me, someplace I'd dream of being on, "Free People" and "Into The Gloss" are two names always on the list and guess what I just found? Wait for some more sentiment here.

2. Priyanka Chopra

So, tell em I have  every right to be excited.
And yes, hopefully, newer stuff coming up in my blog soon ♥ 

Much Love


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