You know, this crazy tormenting, yet beautiful feeling...

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

You know, how we all doodle. Scribble. Maybe not all of us. Not even most of us. Barely some of us. Actually, I feel like it's just me. You know, It's 2:25 a.m right now and I can't fall asleep. This has been going on for some weeks now. I never know when I fall asleep but I know definitely I am always awake till two and some more. I don't know how much more. Maybe a minute. An hour. Tick tock. Anyway, that's not the point. Actually, even I don't know what my point is. If you are reading this while you have a reminder set at the back of your mind for something to do, I suggest you stop reading. Because, as far as I can tell, this is a SELFISH POST. It's not about self improvement. It's not about some trick or tutorial or experience. This is just a written record of RIGHT NOW. It's not even a post. It's like journaling. But this is not a journal. I wouldn't let my journal go public. Or maybe, I just did. 

This post maybe one of those that are totally crap. But this is what's in my mind all the time. Thoughts. Thoughts winded up in each other. No beginning nor an ending. Hell! I can't even trace it's pathway. It just surfaces and before I can give it a thought, there's next one fading away so I am rushing and trying to get the thought that I almost lost. Does this happen to anybody else? Just crazy haphazard thoughts and words and crazy things bubbling in your volcanic head? Nowhere to lead and unknown beginning? I don't talk much because most of the time because I am thinking of stuff. Other stuff. Weird stuff. Stuff like this. Like just blabbering on. I don't know what these thoughts are? Why we keep thinking even if we don't want? Like it's not gonna be a extra credit for job CVs right? Can't even seem to remember these scattered thoughts in some hours. Baseless thoughts. Thoughts that just take you deeper into thinking. I just realized while I was "whatever-I-am-doing-now", writing makes this more disciplined. More tolerable. But "tolerable" is an unkind word to use. Because, these are my thoughts. They are probably different from you. Maybe the same. But we'll never tell. And so, we shall never know. And until we know, let us believe these thoughts are to one their own. Love them and pretend they are what makes us pristine. Starkly different and yet all the same.

 I am not feeling sleepy. It's 2:40 and 3:00 scares me. Too many horror movies have I watched. Let me go back to the cacophony. The comforting cacophony. 



Something I have been loving ~

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

So, I love those really bright and minimal photos, but lately, I have been loving those really dark, maybe even grunge-y pictures. I feel like they are so magical and honest and beautiful. I don't know if it makes sense to you but these pictures seem like reality. You know, a little lingering of darkness and that's what makes it beautiful. You know realistic, not all bright and happy but dark and crazy beautiful.
So, not much I can explain that would make you understand my feeling like looking at this beautiful photography. If anybody knows, please tell me this style of photography, if there is a name for this style.

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Life Update : Packing for college!

Monday, July 27, 2015

 I wouldn't have made this post but I noticed that I but some more RED stuff. Crazy! So, here is my red plat and my red bowl and my red mug for mah cappa-chhinnooo! *wink* See, I tried to make a kitty! Also, my RED suitcase! I was never a person to be VERY enthusiastic about red but I guess, things change. Haha! No more talking, just crappy pictures, I think I should  change the blog bio to "Crappy Pictures". Just saying.

I will miss you my city! ♥
Playing what to pack or not. This rubber slippers are my favorite but too bulky.
This is my cutest little cousin sister, this is us blackmailing each other.
She's so cute. This baby of mine cried yesterday at the lift after we both let go of each other.
It was probably the last reunion before I leave for colleg and this kiddo is turning 16 this November, I still remember the summer, us two kids in the balcony, she made me promise I'd always think of her as my own sister and not a cousin.  I've kept this promise and I'll take it with me to my grave. I can't believe I might have to miss you Sweet 16 my love ♥



Mini Haul : Lakme ♥

Saturday, July 25, 2015

So, I have been obsessing over RED recently. Soon, you'll find me book called "50 shades of RED". Okay, crappy joke. So, I was gonna do a haul post and as I was going through my items, I realized I have been buying a lot of RED things and so decided to do a small post on my 3 favorite ♥ Lakme is an Indian make up brand and makeup brand that I've grown up with. Yes.  

So, today's pick are :

  1. Lakme Absolute Matte in the shade Plum Spell : I have to say. This is my current FAVORITEST!
It is a gorgeous red with a little violet-ish tint. It's just my favorite! It looks kindo of red provocative but at the same time raspy and elegant if that makes sense.
2.                 Lakme Absolute Creme in the shade Runway Red : This is the very ON POINT red. Like, TAKE NO BULLCRAP RED! So, this is another great find for me. I actually got this as a gift for me birthday fom my friend and I love her for this!

    3.                Lastly, the classic True Wear in the Shade, I think "Free Spirit" is the shade because I checked a few other colors and they had different names but I still doubt about the D417 So, they color is amazing! I mean it's just POP ! Hahahha. My way of describing isn't really appropriate but it's the best way I can make you understand. So, this shade is the coolest! It's a little dark maybe even a bit grunge RED and I've been walking around pretending to be a vampire ever since I put it on. 

The red is darker I promise! ♥

What is you favorite color/ shade/pattern at this moment? Comment below so I can know what new to try out! ♥

Much Love



Weekend trip to Shillong ♥

Monday, July 20, 2015

So, this Friday, Dad said he wanted to visit Meghalaya especially Cherrapunji, known to be the WETTEST PLACE ON EARTH. It's around a 2 and half hour road trip to Shillong with beautiful view all through the trip and so is a favorite spot for peace seekers or picnics. And this time was no disappointment. Cool breeze, light drizzles and heavy showers only in Cherrapunji ♥ The city is amazing for pedestrians , me being one, I love the weather and the slight slopes are quite amazing. Also, famous for it's caves, this is a must visit within India is you are looking to roll back and relax in teh lap of nature or if you are looking for extreme adventure sports. I'll stop talking now and probably let you look at the pictures.

The road to Cherrapunji with it's breath taking views 
This is HOW foggy it was. It got scary for a little while
It was super crowded though and hotels were all full and every hotel is booked till October in Shillong.
This is a familiar sight in any spot in Shillong. Corn with squeezed lemon, salt and a little sprinkle of red chilli powder. Yummmmm!
My housekeeper and Mom, we went for the view, all we got is mist! :P

The Police Bazaar is the favorite spot for shoppers.

The Golf Course! ♥ It's a park on Sundays ♥ You can hear the Sunday prayers/servings (?) and the mood here is sooo beautiful ♥

Golf course pictures again. :P
Some family having picnic :P
I caught a bug on the glass.

The city. Not a very good picture. Naaaah
Abundance of fresh supplies in this place I tell you. It's famous ♥ 

The "DELHI MISTAN BHANDAR". My eatery in Shillong. Gotta have their
HOT HOT JALEBIS! Period. I think I've have it everytime, every year
I went there.
Comment below any place near you city wherever in the globe which is a nice cheap vacation spot! ;)

Also, sorry for crappy pictures, Still trying :P ♥



━ Current read and July playlist ♥

Friday, July 17, 2015

I was being gifted  "Romancing Mr. Bridgerton" which I believe is the  4th book of The Bridgerton series. I haven't read the previous books but I have heard they are nice so, I can't wait to read this one. It's been a while since I read a book I guess, I used to read a book in one day but I haven't encountered such days in a long time so, hoping to get the habit back on. 
Have anyone of you read this? If so, how did you like it? No spoilers please. ;)

Anyway, I thought of sharing my July playlist it's called "July Jukebox" :P in case any of you wanna try one of the tracks out. :) Also, I am looking for new songs too, so if there is anything in your mind, please drop it in the comments! ;)

  • Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth feat. Meghan Trainer
  • Stitches by Shawn Mendes
  • Amnesia by 5SOS
  • Beneath your beautiful by Labrinth ft Emeli Sande
  • Photograph by Ed Sheeran
  • Fight Song by Rachel Platten
  • The Gold Lining by Broke For Free
  • Worth it by Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink

Also, I wanted to show you my wallpaper which I am just obsessing over for the last few days ♥

If you want it, here's the original copy that I found on the internet.

Also, please follow my Instagram if you have a second. ;) I had to start a new one yesterday so no posts yet! But gonna start spamming soon. No, I won't spam. I promise. :)

What are you guys doing this summer? I wanna know. ♥


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