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Saturday, July 25, 2015

So, I have been obsessing over RED recently. Soon, you'll find me book called "50 shades of RED". Okay, crappy joke. So, I was gonna do a haul post and as I was going through my items, I realized I have been buying a lot of RED things and so decided to do a small post on my 3 favorite ♥ Lakme is an Indian make up brand and makeup brand that I've grown up with. Yes.  

So, today's pick are :

  1. Lakme Absolute Matte in the shade Plum Spell : I have to say. This is my current FAVORITEST!
It is a gorgeous red with a little violet-ish tint. It's just my favorite! It looks kindo of red provocative but at the same time raspy and elegant if that makes sense.
2.                 Lakme Absolute Creme in the shade Runway Red : This is the very ON POINT red. Like, TAKE NO BULLCRAP RED! So, this is another great find for me. I actually got this as a gift for me birthday fom my friend and I love her for this!

    3.                Lastly, the classic True Wear in the Shade, I think "Free Spirit" is the shade because I checked a few other colors and they had different names but I still doubt about the D417 So, they color is amazing! I mean it's just POP ! Hahahha. My way of describing isn't really appropriate but it's the best way I can make you understand. So, this shade is the coolest! It's a little dark maybe even a bit grunge RED and I've been walking around pretending to be a vampire ever since I put it on. 

The red is darker I promise! ♥

What is you favorite color/ shade/pattern at this moment? Comment below so I can know what new to try out! ♥

Much Love



  1. Loving the sound of these products! thanks for sharing!


  2. Red is my favourite go to colour got nails and lips!
    Emma Xx

  3. Replies
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    2. It's an Indian brand so. :) Yeah, the brand is a reputed one in my country! :)

  4. I'm wearing a mint green on my nails that I'm not sure I love or hate, which makes me wonder why I'm wearing it at all.



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