Weekend trip to Shillong ♥

Monday, July 20, 2015
So, this Friday, Dad said he wanted to visit Meghalaya especially Cherrapunji, known to be the WETTEST PLACE ON EARTH. It's around a 2 and half hour road trip to Shillong with beautiful view all through the trip and so is a favorite spot for peace seekers or picnics. And this time was no disappointment. Cool breeze, light drizzles and heavy showers only in Cherrapunji ♥ The city is amazing for pedestrians , me being one, I love the weather and the slight slopes are quite amazing. Also, famous for it's caves, this is a must visit within India is you are looking to roll back and relax in teh lap of nature or if you are looking for extreme adventure sports. I'll stop talking now and probably let you look at the pictures.

The road to Cherrapunji with it's breath taking views 
This is HOW foggy it was. It got scary for a little while
It was super crowded though and hotels were all full and every hotel is booked till October in Shillong.
This is a familiar sight in any spot in Shillong. Corn with squeezed lemon, salt and a little sprinkle of red chilli powder. Yummmmm!
My housekeeper and Mom, we went for the view, all we got is mist! :P

The Police Bazaar is the favorite spot for shoppers.

The Golf Course! ♥ It's a park on Sundays ♥ You can hear the Sunday prayers/servings (?) and the mood here is sooo beautiful ♥

Golf course pictures again. :P
Some family having picnic :P
I caught a bug on the glass.

The city. Not a very good picture. Naaaah
Abundance of fresh supplies in this place I tell you. It's famous ♥ 

The "DELHI MISTAN BHANDAR". My eatery in Shillong. Gotta have their
HOT HOT JALEBIS! Period. I think I've have it everytime, every year
I went there.
Comment below any place near you city wherever in the globe which is a nice cheap vacation spot! ;)

Also, sorry for crappy pictures, Still trying :P ♥



  1. Beautiful pictures!!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  2. Your pictures are lovely! It looks like it was fun. I really like your style :-) http://bauchlefashion.com

  3. Oh wow this place looks amazing, that 1st photo= <3


  4. Oh my my. The place looks lovely.

    And that snail, ugh ... :/

    There is this place called Yercaud in South India. LOVELY, lovely place, it is.
    Give me a shoutout if you ever decide to come down to this side :)


  5. thank you for the trip recap with pics!

  6. Wow this looks so beautiful!
    xx Camille



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