Wish #1 : I was a teenager of the 90's

Now, I am almost over with my teenage days but this desire of mine to be living breathing in the 90s, don't get me wrong, I am a 90s kid but I wish I was spending my teenage days in the 90s  wearing all the grunge junk and fangirling for Kurt Cobain but, you know,sometimes, it's just not possible. I mean I am even willing to dress up like the 90s kid and live my life as in the 90s while the world is pulsing the 21st century.

So, as I have always worshipped Jared Leto, I have always wanted to see this "My So-Called Life"which is supposedly one of the best series for teenagers ever. No matter how reckless teenage is, I guess I'll always be willing to come back and feel the hurricane like emotions. Makes you feel alive. So, I spend my last night, not sleeping but drooling over Jordan Catalano and absolutely admiring (my first and ever girl lead that I love)  Angela Chase. I guess all of us can relate either one or the other struggles that the gang goes through. I don't wanna make it longer because I don't know, I feel so much. I wanna talk so much about it but I know, most of us are not good at following.  (listening or reading). So, I am just gonna beg you to give it a go. I spend the whole night waking up watching it, went to bed at 10:43 a.m. EXACTLY and got woken up on 12:17 p.m with blood-shot eyes. But, it's worth every single damn tear that I shed while trying to keep my eyes open the whole night.

Very honest, and the simplicity in which they served reality, not, overdone but just right.

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