Life Update : I got into the college "Editorial Board" !

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

So, Christmas morning I woke up feeling really blessed and super elated because I go a text on Christmas eve stating that I got into the college "Editorial Board" ! I mean this is huge! It's so hard to get into the board .They are very picky and just a few ever make it into the group. i know many seniors who have been trying for years and to get into it on my very first semester is kind of surreal. They just picked two people from 1st year so it's very "crazy". But, sometimes, I wonder how? I mean, maybe they misjudges me but then again, I should stop doubting myself because it'd be unfair to all my hard work and the passion that I have and also to the people who picked us out. So, I'm just gonna take some deep breaths and try to do my best. I'll need all your good lucks! ;)


Would love to hear your opinions! xo

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