Life Update: So far College #1 : Why a Happy Soul is the key to a Happy Life

Tuesday, December 01, 2015
So, I have my semesters tomorrow but, I decided to sit down and blog while I have everything to study and I am feeling really positive. Why is that so? End of this July, I started college. Everyone says things change once you are in college. What they don't clearly state is that, if you give yourself time and listen to your soul, you just might find your best side. I am not saying that this is the best me because, you are not the same forever Your live is not a graph of how successful you've been throughout your life, rather, it's a map of all the feelings and places (take it in the poetic sense please) that you've been lucky enough to experience in the mundane journey.

So, coming to college, I had a mindset, that I wouldn't make many friends. Do people have these type of mindset? And that I'll study hard and ........and, I was open to experiences. My parents have always been the type to encourage me and my sister to do what we want but, I've never really known what I want, actually, I've never listened to myself because I didn't know there was something like pleasing the soul that you could resort to. So, here, when you are all by yourself, responsible for just yourself, you've everything in the world to try out and know what makes you happy. Basically, you know what you wanna do, you've always known, it depends on you if listen to it or ignore it, I started listening to it. I go out for walks when even I feel like, listen to my favourite music when I feel like, I even tried veganism for a while (still going on and off about this thing though, I really wanna go vegan once I'm older and richer and have more vegan resources around me), watch he movies I want, sleep when I am tired, try to live like how I feel like and study when I feel like, so, I have been doing quite well in my academic area too (not boasting) but yeah, I have always been above average in studies, living an average life and nothing too excited about. Now, I am getting pretty good grades, am very happy and love the fact the I do most of the things that I wanna do, or the one's that I haven't done yet, I keep it in my To-Do list and really excited about it and the fact that you know your parents are happy makes it all the much better. YOUR PRODUCTIVITY IS DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO YOUR HAPPINESS. You know, how people talk about having a gypsy soul, and letting your soul run free like those wild horses, it actually does you good and always, have a sense of humour, and feel positive, if dancing right now would make you feel more positive than going out with a friend, do it. Because when you are happy from the core of your soul, you radiate it and people around you will feel better and no other negativity can seep into you. And never forget inspiration, your inspiration maybe different than the one's surrounding you, but that in no sense means that you should hide it under blankets of ignorance. Accept it, nurture it and hold onto it. Because rust me, it will make you feel, sad maybe, happy if you are lucky but definitely motivated and trust me, MOTIVATED is A BEAUTIFUL FEELING.

At this very moment, I am planning to resume my blogging, I have friends that I have really good times with (resolution broken), I have more dreams and I ever had and I am looking forward to meet my family this Christmas and spend quality time with my family and friends back home. Life if beautiful, only if you decide to look at it's beauty.

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  1. Your photogrpahy is amazing hun!!
    -Morgan x


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