5 ways to relax yourslef (anti-Netflix and chill tips!) :

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Well, I said anti-Netflix because well, non of the ways below makes you lay down on your bed under blankets and sit and watch people have a very photogenic life while your (my!) life is just bland. So, 2016 is the year to step up your game and I mean it. STOP! envying at other people's life and blame your life for not being like theirs because trust me, it is. Get up. Go out. Live.What I've realized is, you cannot say "If I lived where they do, I'd have an amazing life too" if you are not willing to even take a new step forward. Break from your routine. There are so many things in the world that you'll never be able to try so, start now. I've never really known what I like and it's embarrassing. So, maybe this year, I'll really listen o myself and find out the things that I really like and things that may not be on my favourites list. 

Anyway, coming to the point, I always found it more relaxing when I am all by myself. And here are 6 things that help you shake off the tension and yes #4 is weird.

1. Go for  a walk : Just put on some comfy warm clothes and walk. It doesn't have to be brisk if you don't like it. Just walk. Put on some music if you like and drown yourself in the city's noise or the calm and get lost in the crowd and go where your heart takes you.Maybe look around a neighbourhood you've never visited or a mall. It's always good to walk when you are in your explorer mode because, you don't have to worry about parking or the traffic.
2. Take yourself for a date: It doesn't need to be fancy. Go to a cozy cafe. Order some hot chocolate and enjoy and let the time pass by. You can try writing the feeling down or make crazy sketched of people or just making an entry on your journal and make lists of random things. Eg: perfumes, places you wanna visit, favorite quotes, etc. Don't forget to write down why. The reasons can be one word or a phrase, just the idea that you like. It's make you feel  like you got heavy weights off your shoulder and later you can look back at these things and trust me, it feels reallyyy good. It's like a record of a person you once were.
3.     If you feel like baking  cookies, sitting by a bonfires,having some ice cream, the smell of your favourite candles etc, go do it but don't forget to take in the warm happy feeling it gives you .
4. Put on some music and sway (Don't forget the make up and mirror) : I do this all the time, put on some nice music that you'll love "SWAYING" to. Put on your favorite lipstick and enact the whole song. You can also jump and run in place as if you are in the video and you'll burn some good calories. Tip  :  Keep your doors locked. 
5. Room therapy : I love a good smelling room so, go buy so candles or incense stick . Put on some fairy lights and read a good book.
6.       Organize your room : Though it might not always seem relaxing, I personally find it easier to relax or concentrate on things once the surrounding is prim and proper. Put one some happy music, sing along and try cleaning your room and work with the beat so, put on some fast paced songs and trust me it doesn't feel like work at all and you'll be so proud of yourself. 


  1. i go crazy at home sometimes with the music on and belch out as loud as i can LOL



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