Summer Challenge!

Saturday, June 04, 2016

So, what's up guys?
I'm just so hyped about getting something done this summer because every holiday that I am back home, I just spend my days lazing on my bed so, this time hopefully, I'll get a thing or two done. So, firstly, I am thinking of doing the Lauren Conrad's "30 Day Ab Challenge", I decided that since I ALWAYS plan on a healthier holiday, why not incorporate a  mini challenge to it to have mini everyday goals to look forward to. Today was my first day and it was easy, but the way it progresses, I am a little worried about the latter days. :P

Also, the next challenge is something I'd love to try but, given my poor art skills, I'm having double thoughts about it. 

Guys, let me know if there are any such interesting challenges(?) that you know because I'd love to try them.

Thank You.


Would love to hear your opinions! xo

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