The Hunt : Part #1

Tuesday, June 07, 2016
Lately, I have been really obsessed with nude/brown-ish palette for makeup and hence, I have been looking out for the perfect brown lipstick for my skin tone. So, the first time I ordered, I received something which was orange with a little shimmer. Nah! So, this time, I hand picked this one. It's from Faces and the shade is "Honey Lust". It was actually very cheap compared to how much makeup actually costs. I got it for around Rs 175 that under $3 (US). I am not sure this is the shade that I want but it's not bad. It's nice for a sunny day if I was very "light" makeup. I wanted a darker shade though and I am not too sure if I can "mattify"it with some powder. But all in all, it's a nice product for the price if this is the shade you are looking for.


Would love to hear your opinions! xo

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