Sunday, February 16, 2014
Hello lovely readers, as much as I love to put up my viewpoints on display, I have to take a few safety measures before I continue further. Hence, read along. ;D

  1. Firstly, be informed that the reviews/opinions found on my blog are my own point of view from personal experience and may differ with person to person.Hence, anyone else might not be rock solid in agreement with my statements.
  2. The materials seen here are my own. If I incase provide materials that I found from another site, I'd try my best to provide credits as long as possible. Hence, if you decide to share something from my blog to yours, please be sure to provide credits, I will hugely appreciate it.
  3. All the information provided on my blog are only meant for entertainment and in no means intended to be provided as a legal advice.
  4. Also, I always take in suggestion and opinions through private messaging. Further information on "How to contact me" can be found on the respective tab. I understand that the readers would not like me to use their E-mail/Contacts for spam or any unlikely means and respect their need of privacy and hence, no personal information will be revealed incase I'm doing a post suggested by the readers (Unless the reader wants me to mention themselves).
  5. The products that I review have been purchased my my own hard earned money unless they are marked with an asterisk (*).

Hope you enjoy your time in my blog and I'll try my best to keep you engaged.
You are welcomed in my blog anytime and anywhere. *winks*

Much Love,

Contact me: www.pranna@gmail.com (E-mail)

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